2023-01-30   |   فارسی
Laboratory Activities


With the increasing development of domestic services presented in cyberspace, qualitative evaluation, ranking and recognizing of the strengths and weaknesses of these services is particularly necessary to compare those services with each other and also with their non-native competitors. Beside these evaluations, fair support of these new businesses is also important that can be achieved by the governmental sector. For this purpose, ICT Research Institute have started up a lab of evaluating and validating of the web-based services, called "WebAzma". The main objectives of this lab is as follows:

At the beginning, focus of the lab was to evaluate text, voice, video and video services as well as machine translation. But the main goal of WebAzma, is coherent development and coordination of services supported by the native search engine, in such a way that evaluation and qualification of the individual achievements and outputs of these services be possible. The lab must also be able to measure the overall goals of the project. This goal demonstrates the need for the continuous development of WebAzma.

The Webometric lab developed along with the Search Engine Project with the following objectives:
  1. Establishing and continuous development of the required platform for evaluating and testing the quality of Persian web-based services.
  2. Producing technical knowledge and localization of the used technologies.
  3. Advancement of researches focused on Persian web services by supporting projects, knowledge centers and student activities.
  4. Providing the ability to compare services and products with each other and with foreign competitors.
  5. Selection and introduction of superior products and services.
  6. Monitoring and ranking services to make it easier for customers to select.
  7. Encouraging businesses to develop quality products.
  8. Targeted support for products and services.
  9. Creating a healthy competitive environment between product owners and service providers.
  10. Integrating developed assessment platforms.
In order to achieve these goals, a set of activities must be done in the lab, the most important of which is:
  • Continuous monitoring and observation of Persian web products and services
  • Ranking web-sites and web-based supervises.
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluating of web-based services
  • Providing evaluation benchmarks to analyze web-based services from various aspects.
  • Market and customer analysis from different perspectives.
  • Finding the needs of the Farsi-speaking users to better tune the services for them
  • Creating a platform to use a wide variety of people to contribute in evaluations and creation of test sets (a domestic version of Amazon Mechanical Turk)